Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nothing could erase what Nauvoo had given us... THAT we took with us.

This is one of the families we stayed with, the Austin's, love love love them!  
The Lord had his hand in that one. 
This sweet girl, Sarah, reached back and held Broc's hand all the way through a program we were watching where Broc was sobbing so hard he was having a hard time.  The next night she asked him to dance and told him she loved him the best then gave him a big kiss, right on the kisser. 
Saying goodbye to our many friends, it was a very emotional night.  We cried till' we all had headaches. 

Doug and Tyler, Doug is 15 and has an amazing testimony, he was such a good example to the boys. 

Quincy, with his friend Jenny.  They tore up the dance floor. 
Friends forever.

These are all members of the core cast that wrapped their arms around us
and loved us as much as we loved them.


Terry said...

What a wonderful, wonderful experience. I am so glad that you had it. I loved looking at all of the pictures. It was so much fun to see you all there

Ashlee said...

Send me these pictures! I will make them look old fashion in photoshop and you can hang them in your house. They will look amazing. I love them all!

tmathews said...

This looks like an awesome experience. I would love to hear about it. I think you should have a FHE and share your experience and pictures.